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Danelle Blogs from Sheffield, England on PilgrimageUK Conference






Cheers from across the pond mates! Danelle from the Communications Team here in Sheffield England reporting from the PilgrimageUK conference! I am one of 160+ global delegates from 12 countries in England this week to taste and see what God is doing with the missional living movement across the world.

There are three of us from King of Kings here representing Nebraska! Pat Link and Pastor Dan Weber join me in this amazing experience to learn and grow. We have been here almost a week and have gotten to see what God is doing in Manchester with Message Trust and Ivy Church! They are really doing some great and innovative things- an awesome enterprise center for venerable people getting out of prison being one of them.

Yesterday was the first official day of the conference and man did we learn a lot! My brain and heart are swimming with new ideas and vision for the missional movement in Omaha. We heard from Mike Breen, author and one of the founders of the missional community movement. He encouraged us to be families on mission and integrate it into our daily lives and to have authority in who and whose we are.

Mick Woodhead taught us keys to missional leadership and how to grow a sustainable, inspiring and meaningful vision that will have momentum. He reminded us of the MLK Jr. quote about taking the first step in faith…even if you can’t see the whole staircase.

Paul McConochie spoke about the pillars of a discipleship culture and how vision, values and vocabulary are important in driving the missional vehicle. And Rich Robinson wrapped up the day by talking about successful missional community principles.

It was a brilliant (as the Brits say) day of learning! I can’t wait to see what I learn today! It’s so invigorating to make new friends from all over the world who share in the same vision for change in the way we think about what church is. It’s truly white hot worship and you can see Gods fingerprints all over this place. Cheers!

King of Kings Omaha