The Pancake Man


This past Sunday The Pancake Man came to visit King of Kings to our students going to Belize to raise funds for their trip. Here are just a few of the stories we heard from some of the students. Here’s a look at one of our students Krystal Phillips experience from this past Sunday.

The thing that was awesome was that people wouldn’t even eat pancakes but they would just walk in, hand US money and leave! They were so giving! At one point, I was literally in tears because my friend and confirmation leader just walked in and handed me a large sum of money and left. It was all so awesome that I  was practically in tears the whole time!  People are awesome and God is even more awesome!

Another student, a veteran Pancake Man helper, was Sora Block. Sora told us a story on how she was incredibly impacted by a seven year old girl who like many, led the way in generosity.

A little girl who was maybe seven years old walked up with money in her hand. She was extremely nervous to speak to us. I looked at her and asked if she wanted to buy something from our table or if she was looking for the pancakes. She shook her head no to both of my suggestions. Confused, I continued to list of a numerous amount of things until she finally spoke up. The little girl shyly told me that she wanted to give money to help the team going to Belize. She then gave me the money and ran away as I yelled thank you. It was such a nice thing for a child to do. For all we know, that could be all the money that she had and she chose to give it to help others. In a way it’s convicting. This girl is willing to give up everything for others. Am I? No, probably not. That just makes me remember that we need to have childlike faith and trust that God will provide. 
Many expressed this same generosity as this seven year old, going above and beyond to give sacrificially to the work of God in our students and the work that they will do in the hearts of many in Belize. Together our church helped raise around 1200 dollars for our students. Join us in lifting up our brothers and sisters in Christ as they prepare for the mission God has set them to do in Belize. Pray that God continues to provide as much as he already has, and that God gives our students the guidance and courage as our students experience divine encounters to share their faith with those who are lost in Belize.
King of Kings Omaha