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This past Saturday about 20 people from our King of Kings family visited the block our church adopted over a year ago. While they were there, they submerged themselves in a culture of serving. A servants heart captivated the whole block of 25th and fort as those who came gathered trash, old belongings, and yard clippings and loaded these onto multiple trucks and trailers to be hauled and disposed of. Many of us also took part in mowing and sprucing up yards on the block. Dan Weber Pastor of Missional Living at King of Kings told us about one of his first serving experiences in the city since moving to Omaha:

I had a blast at Adopt-a-Block!  Alexis and I (she supported me from above in our hiking backpack) mowed several lawns on Saturday morning.  Then we retired the mower and took up several foam basketballs and played with the neighborhood kids.  It was beautiful to see seven different kids playing together, each of them from different nationalities and backgrounds.  And yet they were united by something as simple as a a 3-foot basketball hoop.  Next came hotdogs, burgers, and great conversation.  We had something of a picnic in the front yard of the neighborhood’s “lighthouse” and people came from their homes to share a meal with us.  We quite simply shared life together.  And in those moments of life together, we made a difference, we listened, and we shared the love of Jesus.  I can’t wait to do it again.

Jerome Tanhueco who currently resides with his family in the home renovated by our King of Kings family told us of his great appreciation to those who took time to help better his block.

For my family and I it was our first time doing a spring cleanup and we had an awesome time. Living in the lighthouse and being able to serve our neighbors were great ways of truly being Christ’s hands and feet. Serving alongside volunteers from King of Kings Church and Bridge Church really showed how we are one body in Christ. All the neighbors were thankful and it was great to interact with them and see them interact with each other. Being intentional and relational are keys to reaching out to those who don’t know Christ and I hope that our neighbors will eventually know Christ through our lives. We have and look forward to building meaningful and lasting relationships with them and thank God for the opportunity to do so. Thanks To Pat Link, Shev Sayed, and all the volunteers from King of Kings Church, you are a blessing and we look forward to serving with you again!


Many of those actively involved with Bridge Church and The Abide Network wore shirts that read “We’re Better Together”, and the truth is we are. Join us to help promote The Abide Network’s next event on the block of 25th and Fort on June 8th, 2013 at 10AM. Unable to come? Consider baking or purchasing cookies to distrubute to neighbors as we invite them to be apart of the great work done through The Abide Network and Bridge Church. Sign up for these serve opportunities via the serve tab on The Table.

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