Military Care Packages


You might remember from a previous post about the Military Mission Project that our Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML) was collecting goodies to send to our troops overseas. We heard back from one of the troops and this is what he had to say…

Almost a month ago I received a wonderful care package from a person and church I had never heard of. Until yesterday, I had no idea as to who I was to thank and how to contact them. Last night my wife informed me the package came from the warm and wonderful folks of your church. The person who sent this to me is Doris Blunck. If you could, please thank Doris and all the other great folks who help put this terrific care package together. It definitely was a surprise and a nice one at that. I took the items in the package and distributed to all the Soldiers. I almost had a riot over the very soft and warm scarf. While the Army has provided us plenty of gear, and top quality stuff, there is nothing like a soft, warm scarf. Again, please thank all the folks who had a hand in this and we here, always are amazed at the support and generosity shown our Armed Forces. I do apologize for the delay in getting back with the folks of the church, but again, I had no way of knowing who to thank or how.

The weather here is starting to warm up, will be in the mid to high 60’s, finally. Nights are still cool in the mid-40’s. Warmer in other places in country. I can tell you there is a difference. In Kabul, where I am at currently, the elevation is over 5800 feet, while near the northern Afghan border where I travel to a lot, the elevation is around 500 feet. The difference is between the mountains and the desert. The pollution in Kabul is horrible and hardly can see 100 yards. Security is high and getting higher with the weather warming up and therefore fighting is now upon us again. Already the air medevac for the Afghan hospital next to us has picked up the last couple of days. But as Jerry can vouch, you can’t let little things like that stop you from doing your mission. It is what it is.

Anyway, just had a couple minutes and wanted to write you guys about the care package so the folks at home would know that I did receive.


Bob Pelletier
Director, Army Rail Advisory Team
North Kabul Compound, Afghanistan

King of Kings Omaha