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Guest Blogger Shev Sayed: The Story Kickoff!


We are so excited about the recent launch of a new 31 week series entitled The Story. We kicked off our brand new series with fresh new books, rubber bracelets,  and videos to show how excited we are for the future of King of Kings as we embrace God’s word. In every venue from the Children’s Worship Center to the Big House is journeying through The Story.

As we venture through the next 31 weeks, we want to be sure that we have equipped our body to do the work that Jesus calls us to. If you haven’t gotten a chance to grab a copy of The Story, join us in reading it. All we are asking is that, if you are able to,  donate $5 to help cover each copy that you pick up. It is so exciting to hear the stories of families growing closer and stronger in God’s word. If you have children there are three different copies of The Story according to their ages and are sold at varying prices in the church office. We want to encourage you to journal as you read to help you note how God is speaking through the text. Weekly we hear stories of how God is using our story to reveal to us his greater story. We recently heard from many via our Facebook page on how The Story is impacting those in our Church.

Dan Reynolds wrote:

“I always knew the Bible was HIS-story, but today I realized that my story is how I respond to HIS-story. With God being the.central character and NOT me in both stories, HE loves me when I don’t deserve it, of which is how & why I can place all my trust in HIS-story – with great & eager anticipation of the true promises of the Messiah.”

Nancy Zaraya wrote

“Just when you think the Bible is an old story…it comes to life again and becomes a story for today. This 31 weeks is going to be an exciting journey!”

These are just a couple of stories that remind of us of God and his power to use his written word to encourage and challenge us to grow in him. We are so excited for what we trust God is going to reveal to us through his word. If you are looking for more stories of exactly what God is doing in our church family at King of Kings, check out our facebook page. We love hearing from you and are so encouraged when we hear the life transforming power of God through his word.

If you are looking for even more of a reminder, we are giving rubber bracelets that read “Finding your story in God’s story”. This is a great reminder to continue to read as we get an overview of His story and how that effects our everyday lives. Bracelets are available in three sizes youth, regular, and large. Pick up your bracelet near the stage after one of our worship experiences.

Another resource available via youtube is a weekly segment entitled Missional Minute. Weekly Pastor Dan Weber, Pastor of Missional Living, challenges us on how we can begin engaging culture through missional living. Check out our  Youtube channel for Pastor Dan’s Missional Minute available at the beginning of each week with a challenging yet encouraging word to help bring Jesus to those who surround you daily. You can also check out our webpage for all the resources we have available at http://kingofkingsomaha.org/about/worship/story/ .

We are so excited to see the fruit that is bears as we journey through the next 31 weeks in The Story, and we want to encourage you to be apart!

King of Kings Omaha