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Guest Blogger Kristina Birge: I am officially in God’s family


Today’s guest blog comes from Kristina Birge who was recently baptized on Holy Saturday. Welcome to the family Kristina! Thanks for sharing.

This is her story.

March 30, 2013. Holy Saturday.

I was not aware it was Holy Saturday when my sister-in-law Kelly texted me: the Pastor announced they would perform baptism on March 30th for anyone who would like to be baptized.

I have been talking about being baptized for years; just never committed to a class, a church, followed through.

As I prepared for the day, I wrote many excerpts in my journal to help me organize my thoughts around the idea of being baptized. Am I really worthy? How can He still love me so much? Do I know enough?

Aaron, Marcus and I arrived at King of Kings and had front row parking. This was surely VIP from God. We entered the Haven and Vicar Adam introduced himself to us. I was somewhat nervous. Mostly because I thought I may be submersed in front of everyone. Then Vicar Adam let me know the water was leaking, so we’ll play it by ear. WHEW! God’s plan is always greater than ours.

My brother and Kelly arrived, then a couple friends and more family. How special that they all came for my baptism on Saturday night at 6pm, when they could be watching March Madness finals. ;)

It meant so much to have everyone there, witnessing my appreciation and commitment to Jesus. I am so grateful that I do not need to know all about Jesus to be a child of God. I feel like I have known God for awhile. Jesus seems a bit more intimidating. He died for my sins. How can I ever repay him?

As the band played, the children danced freely, and it was one of those moments you do not want to end. Happy Day was so appropriate and inspiring. ‘Oh happy day, happy day, you washed my sin away… Oh happy day, I will never be the same. Oh… what a glorious day-ayyyy. What a glorious name!!’

The Haven was such a perfect spot for the “open baptism.” Vicar Adam explained baptism, how it came about, and how this may be a service unlike any we had attended before. People shared testimonials offering glimpses of God working through and around us in the previous week. The stories shared were simple and enlightening.

There was one boy who did fully submerse. I walked up with Ryan, Kelly, Marcus and Aaron. Vicar Adam asked if I had been wanting to do this for awhile. The tears just poured. I felt nervous, excited, accepted and loved. My friends were crying too. I wish I had a recorder for what was said. Sometimes you really don’t have to say anything, and you can just feel. Feel God’s love for you no matter where you are or have been.

We kneeled down and Vicar Adam ran the water over my face, In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

We prayed and sang again. The band was on fire. The service was fun and welcoming for all.

The Haven is such a fun area. High top tables and bar seating in the back, bean bags, ping pong tables and many seats in the front. The youth area is super cool.

That Friday morning before, a co-worker asked if I had explained to my son what I would be doing.
“No. How?”

She said, “This is your opportunity to join God’s family.” How simple. Yes, I am officially joining God’s family. I am officially in God’s family.

Jesus is alive.

May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with our spirits throughout the day.

King of Kings Omaha