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Guest Blogger Kira Marino: Easter at the Link

Kira is an intern at King of Kings and shares her experience about her first time attending Easter at the Link.

I had always heard about King of Kings doing Easter service in a not-so-typical way, that being a big arena setting, but had never experienced it until now.

Going to a big church service was nothing different for me, but I knew this was going to be a service on a much bigger scale. Being a communications intern, I got the opportunity to also help out — by running the Twitter feed that started before the actual service started. I got there around 9am and just kind of hung back behind the sound booth to take everything in, just wondering how full the arena would get. I finally got around to managing the feed for about a half-an-hour then it was about time to start.

The other intern, Patrick, and I go take our seats on the floor section, the lights go down, then the music starts, then everyone gets up to their feet to sing the first song. I loved the energy in the place and having believers and non-believers all in one place to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection.

I’d have to say the coolest part for me, and really just revealed more of God’s power, was when Pastor Mark had people come up to the front, people who were lost and found God that day or re-commit their life to Jesus — that was a pretty touching thing for me to see. God was truly working in the lives of people.

Overall, it was just a really fun experience, that I almost didn’t want to end. It was different from other Easter services that I’ve been to, but it’s always fun to see how other churches celebrate Easter.

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