Annual Report & Voting Results

Annual Report from Pastor Mark

Voting Results
The Board members elected at the 2013 Annual Voters’ Meeting were Dave Reddel, Dave Zauha, Tiffany Seevers, and Gary Wanamaker. Dave Reddel, Dave Zauha, and Tiffany Seevers were elected to a three-year term and Gary Wanamaker was elected to a two-year term. Other Board members include Greg Frerichs, Keith Goerl, Adam Kanzmeier, Joyce Maddox, Rod Muench, Dan Thrasher, Dan Whithorn, and Pastor Mark Zehnder.

The Board of Lay Ministry is responsible for governance matters, policy directions, budget approval, and support of ministry programs. Board members are available each Sunday in the corridor to talk and listen to you. Special thanks to Jim Nichols who completed his term on the Board and to June Wedergren for her service on the Board after Eric Mooss’ vacancy last year.

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