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Guest Blogger Shelby: Dares 2 Share


Our favorite guest blogger Shelby is back again- this time with a moving blog about her life-changing experience at Dare 2 Share this past weekend. Check out a video she shot at the event here!

Dare 2 Share is by far my favorite church event I have been on! I went last year and they really kicked it up a notch. The first day we arrived at Dare 2 Share not knowing what to expect. For one, I absolutely love their new band Everfound! I think they have the look and sound that people my age are really looking for. Zane Black is one of the three preachers at Dare 2 Share. He tells these crazy stories that seem unreal but they hook you in right from the start with you leaning on the edge of your seat, but they all lead back to God and how great he is!

God works in more ways than we know! I definitely know now that the Lord died for me! He died for ME! God is worthy of it all! Gods’ holiness, immutability, sovereignty, righteousness, love, and eternity shows us that there is nothing better than him! I definitely learned that at Dare 2 Share. I want and need and now have God in my soul; I really do want to praise and spread his word. It can be hard, I know that, I’ve tried, I have experienced that. Greg Stier, the one of the other preachers, has a motto saying “Awkward is Awesome”! Awkward conversations can lead to amazing things. I can be a shy person the people I don’t know like strangers and tell them that there is a God and he loves them. The preachers told us to “Ask, Admit, Admire”. We need to ask to them questions and admit things we might not want to. If it brings God another disciple its worth all the awkwardness.

During Dare 2 Share they had us text a friend a question involving their faith. I texted my friend, who shall not be named, “Do you believe in a heaven and a hell?” or “What do you believe will happen to you once you die?”. My friend replied and said their is no heaven and no hell and when you die your body gets buried in the ground and thats all. Honestly, that really broke my heart to hear. I told him about why I love God and why he is my savior, and that I am not going to give up on him. I care about him and I am stand in my faith with the Lord so I promised God and myself that I won’t stop spreading the word.

At Dare 2 Share I got the chance to have such wonderful group leaders and we all walked around the University Nebraska Lincoln campus and approached some students. We would get to talking and ask if we could pray for them. My group came across a person who was an atheist and another was a christian. The christian openly let us pray for her and even gave some of us hugs to show her thanks. We continued our prayer walk and came across some more groups but our last group was of a guy and a girl. They believed in God and they let us pray for them. After that we broke into conversation with them and they are actually really involved in church. The girl had told us that her dad had a tumor and our group prayed for that too. It was really neat to see and here all the different people and their stories. I am not that kind of person to reach out of my comfort zone and ask strangers personal questions like that. With that experiencer I might one day or sometime reach out and get people thinking about their faith. God will help me through it and he will you too!

After our prayer walk we made our way to Panda Express for dinner. My fortune in my cookie read “Step by step you will ascend the staircase to success”. I took that as though God is really reaching out to me to make him more disciples. Step by step we will help know more and more know the lord; it may take a long time, but I am willing to wait.
Once returning to Dare 2 Share at the end of the night everyone, meaning over 5000 people, worship the lord our savior! Hands began to raise and hearts poured out of our souls as we gave ourselves to the lord! They showed us a video of Jesus walking to his death. Jesus was being beaten on the back with a leather strip with broken pottery not attached to the end. It showed how much excruciating and agonizing pain Jesus payed of us. Everyone was in tears thanking him! We definitely did not deserve that! We deserve hell! Because of Jesus dying for us on the cross we are able to live eternal life in heaven with him!

I VERY strongly recommend going to Dare 2 Share no matter what age you are! It will without a doubt change you! I love the lord and am not ashamed to express it! Thank you for reading!


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