Welcome to the New Era

Hi there,
Danelle from the Communications/Creative Team here at King of Kings. Sunday Pastor Mark brought us a message unlike any other. I feel it really set the tone for not only the New Year but also the beginning of new and exciting things at King of Kings that we are most simply calling ‘The New Era.’ He shared a lot of very important information and so we wanted to give you the cliffs notes version incase you missed on Sunday or want to really let it soak in. A podcast and video of this message are also available along with message notes. (Check out the other linked words for fun videos and info.)

Pastor Mark’s message started by taking a look back at the early, middle and present years at King of Kings and our culture to learn more about our emerging new era.

How culture views the church:
The way the culture has viewed the church has made a huge shift from being good for society to irrelevant and now even detrimental. Church attendance has also decreased. It was the norm to go to church and viewed as a good place to go with over 50% attending in America in the 60’s–80’s. It shifted to ‘not the greatest place to go’ in the late 80’s with less than 40% attending. Take a look at cultures views of church today and they think its judgmental, intolerant, exclusive and out of touch with about 23% attending.

How we view ourselves:
Looking at the way we view ourselves- we have gone from a church that had a very traditional Lutheran presence mission to ‘lost people matter to God, whatever it takes’ and will continue that into the new era stopping at nothing. We went from traditional worship to invitational to now relational, community and cause oriented worship. Our roles are shifting from members (where we go) to ministers (what we do) to now missionaries (who we are). “We now live in the third biggest mission field in the world, after China & India, having the most unchurched people living in US,” Mark said. We’ve got to think of going to the store for a gallon of milk as a short-term mission trip. Evangelism use to be done by eight on a committee then went to personal invitation (to bring people here) and now will be incarnational (go where they are). Prayer is shifting from parochial to passionate and now penetrating.

Where we are going/focusing on:
There are two spiritual threads that will continue in the next 50 years: prayer and the word. We have started a 50 Days of Prayer initiative with multiple ways to participate. We will also be starting a 31-week series called “The Story” to study the Bible from cover to cover in all worship venues. Three specific themes we will focus on in the new era are: witness/discipleship, worship/gathering and leadership.

New Year, new era and new changes:
Part of this new era is an exciting new brand. We are 50 years old now and are ready for a new and exciting makeover. We want to become more relevant with the younger generations and step outside of our comfort zone. Our mission and vision isn’t changing but the way we do things is. We want to be engaging in new and innovative ways and are introducing new tools to help us do that like a fresh logo, website and mobile app. We want to be a place where people can make friends, meet Jesus, and make a difference.

New Worship and Leadership:
This Saturday at 6pm we will start a new worship experience where families will worship together! Vicar Adam Woldt will be leading the 90 min intergenerational worship designed with young adults and the young at heart in mind. We are also making shifts in leadership. Pastor Roger is transitioning from Children’s Pastor to Executive Pastor opening up a spot for a new young Children’s Pastor. We are also in search of a Pastor of Missional Living and Associate Director of Student Edge. Current staff will also be shuffled to better serve our mission in this new era.

What you can do now:
Pastor Mark is asking us to do a few things to kick off our new era: 1) Pray that the Holy Spirit would prepare your heart for the next step in your spiritual journey. 2) Be committed, loyal, faithful, and dedicated to our mission in this new era. Make worship a regular weekly part of your life so that when stories of God moving in people’s lives are shared in worship it will stoke the fires of your faith. 3) Be committed with your finances. We are only as strong as our weakest link. We need everybody to get your commitments in so we can continue doing radical things. 4) Email Pastor Mark your feedback and questions for about Sunday’s message. What excites and scares you about what was shared this past Sunday?

Pastor Mark ended his message saying, “I’m going to Everest and it’s going to be hard. Who wants to come with me? Me, us, yes!” Be here Sunday to hear more about of this exciting new adventure.


King of Kings Omaha